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Western AgCredit Board of Directors Declares a 100 basis point (or 1%) Patronage Dividend for 2022

The Western AgCredit Board of Directors declared a 2022 patronage dividend equal to 100 basis points (1.0% on average) on eligible loans at their meeting held on December 20, 2022. This equates to $8.77 million, which represents approximately 30% of net income from the 2022 operating year. This is an increase from previous years when the business plan targeted base patronage of 75 basis points (or 0.75%) be returned to members in the form of a patronage dividend.

“This declaration represents a commitment by the board and management to continually look for ways to provide additional value to our stockholders. As a cooperative, cash patronage returned to members is one clear method to do so by effectively lowering interest rates. Increasing base patronage to 100 basis points (or 1.0%) has been a goal for some time and is now a reality,” said CFO Darren Haas. “For the first time since Western AgCredit implemented the patronage program in 2005, eligible stockholders can expect to receive 100 basis points (on average) as the annual patronage dividend amount. We anticipate being able to provide this base dividend amount for the foreseeable future.”

“A 100 basis point (or 1.0%) average patronage dividend demonstrates our continued commitment to cooperative principles, while maintaining a financially sound Association,” said President and CEO David Brown. “We take great pleasure in managing to high expectations and returning the portion of profits not needed to sustain the business to the stockholders who earned them. This is the value of a financial cooperative in action. Few (if any) other financial institutions operate under this type of model, which provides our members a clear advantage. As the Federal Reserve fights inflation by raising interest rates, the value of increased patronage is even more accentuated. The effect of our patronage program is a reduction in borrowing costs for our members, which flows directly to their bottom line.”

Generally, patronage dividends are returned to customers in the form of a check. We do it that way so we can have more personal interaction with members and express appreciation in person (when possible). Members can expect to receive their patronage check in February of 2023.


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