Operating Loans

Operating loans are a line of credit and are for every day expenses such as feed, labor, vet bills, seed, fuel, etc. Get approved for a lump sum, and draw on that throughout the year to pay for your operating costs.

Loan Details

  • Repayment options are established to match the timing of when agricultural products are sold and income is generated
  • Loans are typically 1-3 years with options for renewal based on continued qualification
  • No origination or documentation fees

Payment Schedule

Your payment schedule can match the timing of when you get paid! Payments should align with the normal production cycle of the operation and are available:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
  • Custom

Interest Rate and Term Options


  • Established by the Board of Directors based on a Farm Credit Index
  • Subject to monthly changes
  • Generally reflects trends and changes in the money markets


  • Rates are tied directly to the Prime rate
  • Rate adjusts immediately in response to changes in the Prime rate


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