Who We Are

As part of the nationwide Farm Credit System established in 1916, Western AgCredit is the industry leader in the agricultural finance industry in the State of Utah and parts of Wyoming, Nevada and Arizona. We provide financing across the full spectrum of agriculture including real estate, livestock, equipment, and operating expenses. Western AgCredit serves people in the business of agriculture. Whether you are a full-time farmer or part-time farmer, a cattle rancher, hay grower, dairy producer, or anything in between, we can meet your agricultural financing needs.

Mission Statement

To provide the most dependable source of constructive credit and related services to agriculture and the rural community.

Vision Statement

To be the lender and employer of choice in the agriculture finance industry.

Values Statement

Commitment and Cooperation

Being owned and governed by our customers, we are committed to maximize shareholder value, exceed customer expectations, and invest in the future generation of producers. As the employer and lender of choice, we are dedicated to employee development and retention. We believe that through strengthening the communities we serve, working together with other organizations that serve agriculture, and by being a good corporate citizen, we can protect the future viability of agriculture.

Integrity and Respect

We conduct our business in the highest ethical manner based on trust, honesty, and transparency. We are committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion in all activities. We believe that everyone should be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. The inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures is vital to our success and continued progression.

Excellence and Accountability

Knowing we are all accountable to the company, stockholders, and the agricultural community, we strive for excellence and quality in all the services we provide. We encourage the highest level of personal performance. Each employee and director is expected to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions and to strive for continuous improvement.

Knowledge and Innovation

Just as agricultural producers must adapt to remain relevant, we must maintain a sustainable business model adaptable to the latest in organizational based knowledge. Continuous innovation permits us to provide the best products and services in the most efficient manner. We feel that it is our responsibility to promote continued education, providing borrowers with resources to help them succeed.


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