Agricultural Real
Estate Loans

Our farm real estate loans are structured to finance ag real estate purchases, construction of facilities and other improvements, and irrigation systems. Loans for non-traditional or transitional properties are also available. Real estate collateral can be used to refinance existing short-term and intermediate-term loans, as well as refinance existing debt held by other lenders.

Loan Details

  • A variety of interest rate options are available, allowing flexibility to respond to market conditions
  • No prepayment penalty options available
  • No loan origination fees, but closing costs may apply
  • Collateral valuations completed by internal appraisal team
  • Mortgage Equity Line of Credit (MERLOC, similar to a HELOC) loans available

Payment Schedule

Your payment schedule can match the timing of when you get paid! Payments should align with the normal production cycle of the operation and are available:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
  • Custom

Interest Rate and Term Options


  • Rate locked for the life of the loan (up to 30 years)
  • This option is the most stable for budgeting purposes

Fixed to Conversion

  • Interest rate is fixed for a period of time and reprices periodically
  • Typically structured to reprice every five years, but other increments from 1-15 years are available


  • Established by the Board of Directors based on a Farm Credit Index
  • Subject to monthly changes
  • Generally reflects trends and changes in the money markets


  • Rates are tied directly to the Prime rate
  • Rate adjusts immediately in response to changes in the Prime rate


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