Western AgCredit is pleased to offer the AgFuture Program. The purpose of this Program is to help young, beginning and small producers by offering interest rate reductions for participating in educational opportunities

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Program Details

Eligible individuals can earn the following interest rate reductions:

Tier 1: A .25% reduction for completing the course “Borrowing Basics” through our online learning modules or in person, when offered.

Tier 2: Participate in three additional courses (within two years) offered by Western AgCredit or others to earn an additional .50% reduction. (Courses need to be offered through cooperative extension, commodity groups, other professional organizations, or approved by Western AgCredit. Courses must be directly related to business or production agriculture. College courses completed for obtaining a degree are ineligible. Additional courses must be taken AFTER applicant registers for the online AgFuture portal on Western AgCredit’s website.)


To be eligible for the AgFuture Program, applicants must qualify in at least two of the following categories.

  • Young: Applicant is age 35 or younger on the date the loan is originally made.
  • Beginning: Applicant has less than 10 years of farming/ranching experience.
  • Small: Applicant normally generates less than $250,000 in annual gross sales of agricultural products.

Only new loans or refinances with a qualifying borrower joining the customer complex are eligible (subject to Western AgCredit approval). Program participants must be individually liable or a partial owner of a borrowing entity and actively participating in daily operations and management decisions. AgStart customers are ineligible.

To register for the Program, take the “Borrowing Basics” course and start tracking your education credits.

AgFuture Portal

Program Terms

The rate reduction(s) will be applicable for a maximum of five years after Tier 1 eligibility is achieved. There is a Program cap of $500,000.00 (outstanding principal and available commitment) that will be eligible for a rate reduction.

Non-customers are eligible to enroll and work toward eligibility for future rate reductions. Participation in the Program does not guarantee future loan approval. Final loan approval is subject to eligibility and compliance with Association Lending Standards. If you have eligibility questions, please contact your local branch.

Young, Beginning, and Small Farmers are important to the future of agriculture, and Western AgCredit is committed to providing them a source of constructive, competitive credit. The AgFuture Program helps young, beginning and small farmers obtain the constructive credit needed to get started in agriculture.

To register for the Program, take the “Borrowing Basics” course and start tracking your education credits, go to the AgFuture Portal


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