Board Committees

Board Committees are established to review all policies and major initiatives and make recommendations to the full board for approval. Each committee has a charter outlining the committee’s purpose, duties, responsibilities, and authorities. Committee meetings are held periodically in conjunction with regular Board meetings. Each member of the Board is involved in one or more of the committees listed below.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews financial statements and significant accounting policies, oversee financial reporting to shareholders, CoBank, and the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation. They also oversee the audit activities of all independent auditors and monitor internal controls.

2023-2024 Audit Committee

  • Shirelle Erb, Chairman
  • Kate Nye, Vice Chairman
  • Klynt Heaton, Member

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee reviews compensation amounts and practices and design compensation programs that reward sound operations and Association performance. The Committee also has the responsibility to ensure that financial incentives achieve the desired results and do not create risk that could threaten the institution’s safety and soundness.

2023-2024 Compensation Committee

  • Scott Wayment, Chairman
  • Shirelle Erb, Vice Chairman
  • Boyd Bingham, Member

Corporate Committee

The Corporate Committee provides fiduciary oversight in the areas of corporate structure, mergers, Information Technology, and other governance matters that may arise.

2023-2024 Corporate Committee

  • Wayne A. Smith, Chairman
  • LaDell Eyre, Vice Chairman
  • Mark Wintch, Member

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee provides fiduciary oversight in the areas of risk management and stress testing. The Committee has specific responsibility for the enterprise risk management program (ERM).

2023-2024 Risk Committee

  • Shirelle Erb, Chairman
  • Wayne A. Smith, Vice Chairman
  • Scott Wayment, Member


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