Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying, evaluating and finalizing qualified candidates for both directorships and future Nominating Committee members.

Who can be a Committee member?

  1. Must be an owner of voting stock to serve on the committee.
  2. May not serve on an association nominating committee if you are a director; a director candidate; or an officer, employee, or agent of the institution.
  3. May not stand for election to the board of directors in the same election in which the committee is identifying director candidates.

Potential Candidates

To be considered a candidate for a 2025 Nominating Committee, please complete one of the following:

1. Send Email

Provide notice of your interest in running for the Nominating Committee via email sent to

2. Send Letter

Send the Nominating Committee a letter notifying them of your interest in running for the 2025 Nominating Committee. Include a brief summary of your qualifications and any other information that you feel would promote your candidacy.

3. Submit Online Form

Submit the online Candidate Interest Form (below).

All letters, Candidate Interest forms, and email notifications must be received by March 27, 2024 to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Submitted nominations are completely confidential and will only be shared with the Nominating Committee.

2025 Nominating Committee Interest Form

Please include as much information about the candidate as possible.

Candidate Contact Information

I am:


Farmer or Rancher:
Include roles, knowledge or education in areas of financial reporting, risk management, business technology, strategic planning, human resources or other areas of experience.

Your Contact Information


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